A few changes have taken place after printing the proceedings.

The following persons were listed as delegates in the proceedings, but were not able to attend:
Christoph Gross, USA; Hanne Damgaard Poulsen, Denmark; Paul Davison, UK; Conrad Ferris, UK
Harriėt de Ruiter, Christy van Beek, and Teun Spek, The Netherlands
The following persons were not listed, but did attend:
Dennis Collentine, Sweden; Richard Kirkland, UK, replaced Ferris; Francisca Sival and Marthijn Sonneveld, The Netherlands
An updated list of delegates can be found on the website.

A number of posters, not announced in the proceedings, have been added:
* Borgvang, S.A., J.R. Selvik, and N. Vagstad: The Euroharp project: a pan-European study on quantification of diffuse pollution sources and model applicability
* Kronvang, B., J.P. Jensen, T. Andersen, B. Arheimer, H. Behrendt, J. Hejzlar, and P. Boers: Nutrient retention in surface water in 17 European catchments
* Kronvang, B., S.E. Larsen, and H.E. Andersen: Source apportionment of nutrient loads in 17 European catchments
* Larsen, S.E., B. Kronvang, and H.E. Andersen: Nutrient trends in 17 European catchments
* Schoumans, O.F., and M. Silgram: Intercomparison of catchment-scale nutrient loss quantification methods

The invited paper on Wednesday morning, announced as Basta and Dayton et al., was presented by E.A. Dayton with a different title:
Dayton, E.A., and N.T. Basta: Beneficial use of drinking water treatment residuals to protect surface water quality

The paper on Wednesday afternoon by Betson et al. was presented by R.L. Humphrey (not by P.S. Davison, as mentioned in the program).

The paper on Wednesday afternoon by Annett et al. was presented by herself (not by C. Jordan, as mentioned in the program).

An updated version of the program can be found on the website.