Book: Nutrient management in agricultural watersheds: A wetlands solution.
Edited by: E.J. Dunne, K.R. Reddy and O.T. Carton. 2005, 288 pages, paperback.
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1. Introduction
Introduction 13-14

2. Diffuse loss of nutrients and contaminants from agriculture

Water quality in Ireland - diffuse agricultural eutrophication - a key problem 15-17
M. McGarrigle

Soil hydrology as a factor in diffuse phosphorus pollution 18-22
C. O’Reilly, W.L. Magette, K. Daly and O.T. Carton

Flow effects on phosphorus loss in overland flow 23-27
D. Doody, I. Kurz, H. Tunney and R. Moles

Effects of runoff from agricultural catchments on fishpond water chemistry: A long-term study from Trebon fishponds 28-33
L. Pechar, J. Bastl, M. Hais, L. Kröpfelová, J. Pokorny, J. Stíchová and J. Sulcová

Assessment of landscape efficiency in matter retention in submontane agricultural catchments of the Czech Republic 34-38
L. Pechar, J. Procházka, M. Hais, E. Pecharová, M. Eiseltová, L. Bodlák, J. Sulcová and L. Kröpfelová

3. Functions and values of wetlands within agricultural landscapes

Wetlands of Ireland - An overview: diversity, ecosystem services and utilization 39-45
M.L. Otte

Wetland functions and values in agricultural watersheds: an American perspective 46-54
M.W. Clark

Wetland restoration within agricultural watersheds: balancing water quality protection with habitat conservation 55-70
A. Niedermeier, J.S. Robinson and D. Reid

Watershed management and Reelfoot Lake: The role of wetlands 71-79
P.M. Gale

Spatially distributed isolated wetlands for watershed-scale treatment of agricultural runoff 80-91
D.B. Perkins, A.E. Olsen and J.W. Jawitz

4. Wetland biogeochemistry

Nitrogen cycling in wetland systems 93-104
P.G. Hunt, M.E. Poach and S.K. Liehr

Phosphorus biogeochemistry of wetlands in agricultural watersheds 105-119
E.J. Dunne and K.R. Reddy

5. Wetlands, water quality and agriculture

Retention of soil particles and phosphorus in small constructed wetlands in agricultural watersheds 121-131
B.C. Braskerud

Constructed wetlands to remove nitrate 132-143
R.H. Kadlec

Constructed wetlands to retain contaminants and nutrients, specifically phosphorus from farmyard dirty water in Southeast Ireland 144-156
E.J. Dunne, N. Culleton, G. O’Donovan and R. Harrington

The use of constructed wetlands with horizontal sub-surface flow for treatment of agricultural drainage waters together with sewage 157-160
J. Vymazal

Wetlands for treatment of nutrient laden runoff from agricultural lands: models and stormwater treatment area 1W, as a case study for protection of the Everglades ecosystem, USA 161-166
J.R. White and M.A. Belmont

Treatment wetlands for removing phosphorus from agricultural drainage waters 167-178
T.A. DeBusk, K.A. Grace and F.E. Dierberg

6. Integrated constructed wetlands in Ireland

The concept, design and performance of integrated constructed wetlands for the treatment of farmyard dirty water 179-188
R. Harrington, E.J. Dunne, P. Carroll, J. Keohane and C. Ryder

Integrated constructed wetlands: regulatory policy and practical experience in an Irish planning context 189-195
C. Ryder, P. Carroll, R. Harrington and J. Keohane

Integrated constructed wetlands for farmyard dirty water treatment: a site suitability assessment 196-206
J. Keohane, P. Carroll, R. Harrington and C. Ryder

Water treatment performance and environmental impact of integrated constructed wetlands in the Anne valley watershed, Ireland 207-217
P. Carroll, R. Harrington, J. Keohane and C. Ryder

7. Constructed wetlands and water quality

The relationship between plant vigour and ammonium concentrations in surface waters of constructed wetlands used to treat meat industry wastewaters in Ireland 219-223
A. Harrington

A small-scale constructed wetland to treat different types of wastewaters 224-229
G. Garcia-Cabellos, M. Byrne, M. Stenberg, K. Germaine, D. Brazil, J. Keohane, D. Ryan and D.N. Dowling

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Europe 230-244
J. Vymazal

Microbiological studies on an integrated constructed wetland used for treatment of agricultural wastewaters 245-249
S. McHugh, K. Richards, E.J. Dunne, R. Harrington and V. O’Flaherty

8. Policy and management of constructed wetland to treat single household and farm-scale wastewaters in Ireland

Wetlands for the management of soiled water: a perspective from the Department of Agriculture and Food, Ireland 251-254
C. Robson

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in rural communities 255-259
M. Keegan and F. Clinton

Cost effective management of soiled water from agricultural systems in Ireland 260-269
N. Culleton, E. Dunne, S. Regan, T. Ryan, R. Harrington and C. Ryder

9. Final discussion
Panel summary and concluding remarks 271-278

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